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Bible Verses For Housewarming Invitation Do You Have Any Bible Verses That Have To So With Service To Others?

Do you have any bible verses that have to so with service to others? - bible verses for housewarming invitation

I am 14 8. and in grade I am a Catholic and a Christian. For my confirmation at the end of this year, I have a service project in my class. I have to find 5 verses in the Bible, do something with the service of others. I was lucky, God of the New Testament, but need help with the Old Testament Has anyone an idea? Thank you for your help.


jan d said...

Lev 19:18 Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself: I [am] the LORD.

Zec 8:17, none of you imagine evil in your hearts against his neighbor, and does not love a false oath. ] For all these [things like, "says the Lord."

I hope these help .... January Love

Al said...

Try 24:12-20 (the story of Abraham's servant, in search of a wife (Rebecca), the son of Abraham (Isaac).

A total of 41 (The story of Joseph and how he as governor of Egypt because of his faith in God and God protect Egypt from starvation during a famine in 7 years).

1. Samuel 17 (The story of how David saved the Israelite army of delivery to the Philistine Goliath to kill).

Check out 1 Samuel 20 (the son of King Saul (Jonathan), he risked his life to save his friend (David), killed by King Saul.)

The book tells how Ruth Ruth sacrifices for his step-in-law (Naomi) and how she was blessed for it.

Joshua 2 tells the story of the prostitute (Rahab) risked his life hiding spies 2 of flax on the roof, the Joshua of Jericho. If they were caught hiding in your house, chances are imprisoned or sentenced to death. But when Joshua conquered Jericho, Rahab and her family were the only survivors of the city.

The Book of Esthertells how she has a queen, who risked his life to save his people from annihilation.

We hope that this was helpful, and I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the many stories of heroes and heroines of God, familiar from the Old and New Testament.

Dee Dee Lively said...

Trying to do Exodus 23:4 and 5 - especially to help the enemy! It is a real service!

Leviticus 19:33 and 34 refers to the treatment of strangers with kindness and love.

Exodus 23:11 It's about the poor

1 is Samuel 2:1-11 Samuel, how he spent his early years with the priest Eli. It shows how little things intended for others to examine.

Good luck!

All Star said...

"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself"

"Pray for your enemies"

I do not remember

Fireball said...

Joshua 1

Chris said...

Christian, who do not read the Bible ....... ps sounds like a Christian to me. In the non-sarcastic

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